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PostSubject: 隠される   隠される EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 5:22 pm

隠される Anime-1
Kichiro Shou

Kichiro loitered around by the alley, his pilot shades hiding his gray eyes.
He fished through the pockets in his red jacket and pulled out a lollipop and smiled his 100-bolt
smile at the ladies that were passing by him.
After they left he gave himself a small frown.
Man... I must look like a male prostitute, standing around like this.

With that thought, Kichiro walked around towards the cafe located about a
block away from the alley he seem to always hang around at.
It has always been the place he goes to when he has problems ever since he was a kid.
His best friend (and ex girlfriend) used to meet him there all the time, at least until she moved
away. When Kichiro and his best friend were only 15 years old, they had found a litter of kittens
in this alley, and came by here to take care of them every day before and after school.
Sometimes they even ditched school together to just see how the were.

The flashback of all that he had felt when he hung out at that alley rushed through him.

That was in the past now... They're all gone.
He thought to himself, finishing his lollipop just as he reached the cafe.
He walked in and the aroma of coffee and pastries welcomed him, making the corners of his
mouth curl in delight.

He went straight to the counter to order himself some snacks, a big cup of hot chocolate and
a giant chocolate chip cookie. He paid for his load and went straight on a table to satisfy his
sweet tooth.

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