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PostSubject: ドラゴンの物語の物語の後で   Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:53 am

Fumiko Tanaka

The sun shone brightly outside the clinic windows, the forecast said that it would be sunny all day long,
but winter has already started 2 weeks ago, and I just know it'll snow today.
Today was the day that I'm supposed to meet with the doctor.

You see, when I was interviewed for the job, it wasn't really the doctor that I met up with.
I was interviewed by the head of the family, Mr. Akito Sohma.
It was unbelievable actually, to think that the head of the family was a little younger than me, he'd be my
age at most.
He was handsome, I'll tell you that, but something about him seems a bit off.
I was informed that he was easily sick and that there's a possibility of him dying soon, but that wasn't
the problem that was bothering me. It was something about him that's.. I suppose is dark?

Anyways, it's only 8:50. I arrived twenty minutes early and I've been waiting for the doctor to arrive for about
ten minutes now. The door finally opened, and a tall man walked in. He was wearing a gray vest with a white polo
underneath it along with some gray slacks. Wow... He definitely fit the ideal image of a doctor. He grabbed the white
lab coat that was hanging on the coat rack by the door and put it on when he noticed me sitting on a chair right outside
his office. I immediately stood up and bowed down. Proper manners are, after all, important.
"Nice to meet you!" I stood straight up and smiled "My name is Fumiko Tanaka. Starting from today, I will be the nurse
practitioner to help you around the clinic."

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