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 Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel)

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Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel) Empty
PostSubject: Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel)   Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel) EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 1:36 pm

The night was coming close and the suns last rays caught an image of two people in an alleyway off the road in Central. The streetlights flickered to life and cast dimmed light onto the blood around a young brunette with her throat sliced open. Her clothes and purse still intact and her eyes were closed as if in sleep. The second figure moved and groaned as he lifted himself on his arms and backpedaled to a sitting position." Ah my head...." he said as he took his left hand and rubbed his temples. He was a young man of sixteen and wore all black attire and a crimson coat with brown boots and white gloves. He looked around and let his eyes adjust to the darkness, then he saw it. His right arm was in it's blade form and blood dripped off the end to the young woman that lay a couple of feet in front of him. " Wha....Shit!" He stood at once as he realized where the blood ended. Panicking and not knowing how this happened or how he got in this situation, he ran out of the alley and down the street.

The young man kept running down the street and as he ran tried to make sense of the whole thing. The streets were deserted except for a few cars every so often, then he saw the one car he didn't want to see. His person to report to, Colonel Roy Mustang. " Damn!" He said as he ducked into a few bushes by the roadside. A low wall was also there and as he crouched behind it, he watched the car drive off. " I hope that he can make sense of this." He said in a whisper to himself and as he got up, another military car passed him and he looked at it stop and turn around." Damn!" He said and ran for it.

A cloaked figure appeared around the corner, hiding her face within the shadows of her brown hood. She raised her violet orbs to find a blonde haired man running straight toward her, and she swiftly sidestepped to avoid a collision. The man, however, in an attempt to keep himself from ramming into her as well, dug his heels into the ground and ended up falling face first into the cement.
Who was this man? He looked so very familiar, yet she knew she had never met him before.

"Maybe he's the guy I've been looking for," she smirked to herself, then lifted her gaze as she heard quite a ruckus up ahead of her. A fight? It wasn't too rare to see a fight in central, that was for sure. She ignored the rumble, however, and focused her attention toward the man on the ground below her.

"Hey there big boy. What's the hurry?" she inquired, offering a hand to help him up off the floor. "You know, at speeds like that you could take somebody out."

Looking behind him, he noticed that the car was not military like he had thought before and it had pulled into the driveway of a nearby house. He looked at the woman in front of him and took the hand that was offered." Thanks." he said. Then he chuckled a bit at her joke. " Um I don't want to be rude but if we could step out of the road and over to a shaded spot, I would appreciate it." It was an odd request but he couldn't afford to get caught until he figured out why he had woken up beside a dead woman. He clapped and a few alchemic sparks of light brought his right arm back to normal. Stepping into the darkness more, he turned to the woman that had helped him up." Sorry, I'm Edward Elric. I didn't mean to almost run you over." He flipped his hair with his hand to rid it of the sweat, than grinned as he looked her up and down for an instant.

Devany smirked to herself and nodded her head. "I know who you are, Fullmetal," she replied with a hint of amusement, and she removed her hood to reveal her face. Her eyes were a deep violet to match her billowing hair, and she had an amused sort of air to her that made her mysterious, as if she was hiding an infinite amount of knowledge behind her haughty grin. She gave him a teasing look and held out a hand. "Devany. It's a pleasure."
She quickly eyed him curiously, taking in as much detail as she could before her lips parted to reveal a velvety voice. "If you are running from someone," she began nonchalantly, "you'd better find a better place to hide than here."

" Oh? How do you know who I am?" Edward said with an eyebrow quirked.

"You're quite famous among the state alchemists," Devany replied simply, and her eyes suddenly shifted toward the street. A siren could be heard, followed by a military car speeding straight towards where they stood. "Trouble."
She immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her, and in a split second they were around the corner and in a dark alleyway. She quickly pushed him into the wall and pressed herself up against him, shrouding him with her cloak so they wouldn't be seen.
Once the car had passed them by, she brought her hands to Ed's shoulders and grinned. "Who are you running from, Mr. Elric?" she inquired coolly, her voice a soft whisper in his ear.

" The Military I serve. I need to find my younger brother Al. Will you help me?" He asked as he moved from her grip on his shoulders to her side so he could see out the alleyway." I thank you for the save back there." He tugged at his coat and shifted it back to it's original position before walking forward and then turning to Devany. " You coming?" he asked and grinned at her.

Edward started down the street with Devany behind him, His eyes shifting to the street then to where he was walking. As he thought on all the events that had transpired, he didn't see the black car pull out from behind him." Should we go get him sir?" Riza asked the man in the back seat as he held up his hand and replied" No. He's okay and until I can find out what really happened, I want him to stay hidden. Besides he had a new friend." Riza rolled her eyes and followed the two.

Edward walked further down the sidewalk and as he looked back to see if Devany was following and saw the black military car in the distance. Quirking a grin and doing a two fingered nod to the car he asked " You coming?"

"I'm coming," Devany smirked, and she stepped out of the shadows and made her way toward Ed. Her eyes caught sight of a suspicious black car pulling up behind them, one that was slowly following them as they headed further down the street.
"Mr. Elric," Devany spoke smoothly, taking his arm in hers and slightly quickening their pace. "Have you any idea who is in the car behind us?"

Edward smirked" Its just my babysitters. They won't bother us." He took a quick glance to his arm and grinned.
" Looks like their moving sir." Hawkeye said as she eased off the brake and followed slowly. Roy grinned and brushed his hair out of his eyes" I see. I wonder if they are going to find his bro....." At that moment an earthquake took the car and its occupants and threw them off the road and end over end into a ditch. " Risa? Are you okay?" Roy asked from his position on the car's window, that’s where the car had landed on its side." I'm okay. Where is Ed?" Risa Hawkeye said and saw Edward produce a sword from the road's earth.
" Colonel!" Edward yelled as he ran to see if Roy was okay. A man came from the side alley where he and Devany had just come. "Elllllrrrriicccc." It said with a voice of ground up stone with crushed glass. It looked at him and Edward gasped as he recognized that the person talking to him was Darren Rune." Darren?" Darren slapped his hands toward Edward and thrusting Devany away from him, got the full brunt of the alchemic shockwave that hit him. " DDDDarren. What?" Edward held his gut and leaned down as he produced a sword of steel from the road and a guard nearby. " Elllllrrrrriiccccc." Darren said again.

Before Devany could react she was shoved by Edward, and she barely regained her balance as she began to fall backward.
"Elriccc...." a raspy, almost zombie-like voice rumbled from behind a pile of rubble the strange man had created when blasting Edward. Devany watched as Edward held his gut and stood up from the ground, creating a sword out of what seemed like mid-air. It brought a small grin to Devany's lips, and she held her hands about a foot away from each other, letting a dark energy spin rapidly between her fingers.
"Edward, would you be so kind as to tell me who this man is before I attack him?" she smiled, her cunning eyes watching every small move Darren was making. She'd not give him another chance to catch her off guard.
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Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel)   Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel) EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 3:42 pm

Roy got out of the car and helped Risa up and out of the car as Edward started to attack Darren. " Edward stop!" Edward started forward then halted at the colonel's words, unsure as to go against them." Colonel he is Darren Rune, a rouge alchemist that I thought I had lost over a cliff in Seasiad city." Roy nodded as Devany produced her alchemic power and Roy frowned at her" Devany stop." She nodded as Roy stepped forward and snapped his white gloved hand toward Darren. A fire erupted around the creature and Darren screamed as the fire burned his skin a bit. The it fell and Edward reversed the blade with a quick clap and alchemic light. " How did Darren get here?" Edward said as he looked at the creature then he switched to Roy and realized he had been caught. " are you going to arrest me?" Roy looked at to Edward and shook his head at the second question. " I don't know how he got here." Roy and Risa looked at the kids and Roy said as the military cars came close" You better run and find Alphonse." He smerked at Ed as Ed took Devany's hand and ran for the brush and forest, letting the colonel handle Darren.

" Adventure wherever I go." he said as he ran with Devany through the forest.
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Murder or Something Darker? (animefireangel)
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